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Buying and Selling in the Winter Months

Home Sellers: There is nothing more important than hiring a professional real estate agent regardless of where the market is at. You want to hire an agent who has your best interest in mind, rather than having an agent who will only list your property for their commission check. Right now, the housing industry is lacking with inventory. Here at Action Team Realty, we have professionals who will look at absorption rates and competition to help you get the best price possible. Our agents will also be honest with you on the expected timeline and likelihood of selling your home.

According to Fortune (Chew, 2016), Utah has been listed as one of the top places in the country where Millennials are wanting to settle down and buy homes and take out mortgages. That being said, there are a lot of motivated buyers in Utah right now.

Home buyers: During these cold months, the market slows down. The best months to buy are in November, December and January. Even though there are fewer properties available on the market, meaning lower inventory, there are also fewer people making offers. This gives you a great advantage on finding a home that meets your needs. It’s easier to work with home sellers to find the perfect property when the competition has slowed down.

Real Estate agents will also have the time to really show you around during these months, and you can benefit from their local knowledge and expertise.

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